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Bizhub Press C71hc
  • เครื่องพิมพ์ดิจิตอลสีรุ่น Bizhub Press C71hc
เครื่องพิมพ์ดิจิตอลสี รุ่น C71hc ใช้โทนเนอร์พิเศษ High Chroma ทำให้งานพิมพ์ดูโดดเด่นและมีสีสันสดใสใกล้เคียงกับสี RGB ซึ่งเหมาะกับงานโฆษณาการตลาดต่างๆและงานโฟโต้บุ๊ค พร้อมที่จะช่วยโรงพิมพ์ของท่านสร้างความแตกต่างในตบาดที่มีการแข่งขันที่สูงได้

Pink, purple and green become dull when printed. Ever experienced this problem?

Colours seen on displays or images shot using a digital camera can express a wider colour gamut than CMYK used for ordinary printing. Because CMYK ink or toner has a narrow colour gamut particularly for the colours pink, purple and bright green, colours become dull when printing RGB images.
bizhub PRESS C71hc offers a solution to this problem as the world’s only printer that uses a new toner free of the restrictions imposed by the colour gamut of ordinary toners. Experience a new world of printing with the wide colour gamut of High Chroma Toner and the outstanding expressive capabilities of bizhub PRESS C71hc.


Nature Photographs, Apparel Catalogues, etc.

In addition to reproducing the conventional CMYK colour gamut, a big feature of bizhub PRESS C71hc is its ability to reproduce colours difficult to realise using a CMYK printer such as sunset purples, the pink of flowers, high-key greens and blues. This makes it possible to express the intent of photographers and designers with greater fidelity in prints. Moreover, prints of items in apparel catalogues or fashion photographs can be supplied with colours close to the originals.

Smooth skin tones ideal for photo applications

Studio Photographs, Photo Books, etc.

As the wide colour-gamut toner of bizhub PRESS C71hc utilises colour materials with higher saturation and brightness than conventional CMYK toners, smooth skin tones with reduced skin texture roughness and less graininess is achieved. This makes it ideal for printing studio photographs and photo books. High-quality prints can also be supplied for small-lot cosmetics or apparel catalogues.

Ability to propose impactful designs (Business Cards, Shop Cards, POP, DM, etc.)

Impactful business cards, shop cards and POP marketing can be created using colours not often seen. bizhub PRESS C71hc affords distinctive printing services by enabling the use of colours, such as purple and bright green, that users have hesitated to use in printing until now. Differences in monitor screen and print colours can be minimised when approaching customers through DM or cross media.


Improves dullness when printing display colours

Academic Reports, Analytical Photographs, CG, Office Documents, etc.

Because images seen on screen, such as office documents and CG, are configured with RGB, some colours cannot be reproduced with conventional CMYK printers which have a narrow colour gamut. High Chroma Toner is capable of reproducing colours closer to the image seen on screen and will exert much influence in presentations.

Reduces restrictions on colours used in creating designs

Designs, Illustrations, Coterie Magazines, etc

You wish to use impactful colours on packaging, but hesitate to do so because such colours cannot be reproduced with ordinary printing. At times like this, the abundant colour reproduction and high productivity of bizhub PRESS C71hc will enable small lot printing using preferred colours. Prints that faithfully reproduce the creator's particular colour preferences can be provided for animation drafts, illustrations, or coterie magazines with an abundance of purples and bright greens. bizhub PRESS C71hc also widens the reproduction range for special colours such as pantones, contributing to the expansion of printing services and enhancement of customer satisfaction.

Also compatible with conventional CMYK printing

Regular Prints, Catalogues, etc.

Because High Chroma Toner also covers the CMYK gamut, ordinary CMYK files can be easily and beautifully printed by applying CMYK profiles.

* Although colours identical to CMYK toner can be reproduced, since the colour gamut differs from that of ordinary toners, there may be differences in dot density or colour mixture ratio depending on the colour.

High registration accuracy that improves quality and reduces costs

Top Level Front to Back Registration Accuracy

Poor registration accuracy in applications demanding cutting precision such as business cards, shop cards and tickets, and in full-bleed printing or thin-paper bookbinding not only affects the quality of printed products, but leads to problems such as increased costs through waste sheets or reprints, and delayed deliveries due to lost time. bizhub PRESS C71hc has made extensive improvements to the registration unit, and is a system capable of realising high quality, low costs and short lead times.

High-Precision Registration Adjustment Unit

Paper position and paper curls are detected by a high-precision sensor and the registration swing mechanism conveys the paper to the correct position. bizhub PRESS C71hc features major improvements in thin paper registration accuracy that has presented difficulties until now.
It is also furnished with a back side magnification adjustment function that ensures unfailing front to back registration matching with no loss in productivity.

See the difference in reliability realised by outstanding colour stability

Colour Stability Exceeding Its Class

There are many applications where the customer will be quite particular about the colour of printed materials. They include high-priced products such as luxury cars and jewellery, packaging designs, and company logos. This problem which had previously been regarded as unsolvable because of the characteristics of digital printing, can be resolved by the outstanding colour stability of bizhub PRESS C71hc. It will faithfully meet the colour requirements of customers and win their lasting trust.

Secondary Colour Calibration

Output paper density adjustment function that corrects gradation density to match output paper characteristics. A mode that measures RGB (secondary colours) as well as CMYK as target colours has been added to further enhance the accuracy.

Auto-refining Development

New carrier is supplied together with the toner to refresh the carrier in the developer. This stabilises the developer so that high quality images can be maintained over its life.

Colour management making the most of outstanding colour reproduction capabilities

Three Modes That Take Advantage of High Chroma Toner Characteristics

1) Standard mode - When printing using RGB data, colours close to those on the monitor screen are reproduced making use of the wide colour gamut. When printing from CMYK data, colour tones close to offset printing are provided.
2) Saturation mode - The wide colour gamut of High Chroma Toner is optimised to provide impactful images with enhanced saturation.
3) Soft mode - Colour gradations are softened to improve reproduction of elements such as hair shadows.

Outstanding media compliance for expanded printing services

300gsm Automatic Duplex Printing

Capable of automatic duplex printing using paper of the maximum thickness, bizhub PRESS C71hc comes into its own when creating sales promotion tools using thick paper such as menus and photo books.

Air Suction Paper Feeder

bizhub PRESS C71hc is furnished with a top class air suction paper feed system that allows worry-free usage of thick paper, paper with slippery coatings and other paper types that present difficulties in feeding.

Provision of New Services Through Banner Printing

bizhub PRESS C71hc can handle printing of sheets up to 1200mm in length which is top in its class. This has expanded its range of uses to include POP, panorama photos, letter fold-in menus, double-parallel folded pamphlets and photo books, and affords new services.

High-Quality, Low-Cost Envelope Printing

An optional Envelope Fuser Unit can be mounted to enable high-quality printing on general-purpose low-cost envelopes. The use of High Chroma Toner makes it possible to create impactful DMs.