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Bizhub Press C1100 / C1085
  • เครื่องพิมพ์ดิจิตอลสีรุ่น Bizhub Press C1100 / C1085
เครื่องพิมพ์ดิจิตอลสี รุ่น C1085 / 1100 สุดยอดเเท่นพิมพ์ดิจิตอลความเร็วสูงสุดถึง 110 แผ่น / 85 แผ่นต่อนาที ที่ทุกความหนากระดาษ  ตัวเครื่องเน้นคุณภาพงานพิมพ์สีระดับมืออาชีพคุณภาพออฟเซท และมีการทำงานที่โดดเด่น โดยสามารถรองรับความหนากระดาษได้สูงสุดถึง 350 แกรม เหมาะสำหรับปริมาณงานพิมพ์ 40,000-160,000 หน้า/เดือน


With blazing 100 ppm output speed in brilliant color, the bizhub PRESS C1100 color press raises the bar in digital productivity, saves space on your production floor and saves time and labor costs with simple operation and powerful in-line finishing.
Key Features

Newly-developed Suction Feeder. Enhance Output Stability

An air suction paper-feed belt is incorporated in the PF-707/ PF-708* paper-feed unit. In addition to air blown from the sides by the air-assist function, an air stream is also applied from the front to separate the paper, which is then adhered to the suction belt for conveyance. Optimized air control and improved bonding area ensures more stable paper feed for thick coated paper during paper feed process.


Increased Productivity in Printing by Optimization of Paper Transport Sequence

Highly sophisticated image adjustment (micro zooming) is required when the back side is printed because of the fact that the paper slightly shrinks during the fixation of the front side. This problem, causing productivity deterioration is solved by the optimizing technology newly developed and incorporated in bizhub PRESS C1100.

Productivity in “Mix media” Printing is improved

Processing temperature needs to be changed according to the paper type and thickness when the printing speed is kept constant. bizhub PRESS C1100 narrows the difference in processing temperature between the thick and thin papers, decreasing the waiting time during switching different papers.

Advanced Image Density Control Sensor

bizhub PRESS C1100 has a high level of paper compatibility, making it possible to reduce damage to paper caused, for example, by heat or conveyance. For paper weights from 55 g/m2 to 350 g/m2*, bizhub PRESS C1100 supports a wide range of paper sizes from postcard size to 330 x 487mm, and can accommodate market needs for special printing with ease.

High Image Positioning Accuracy

The high-precision registration unit, combining the existing paper skew detection/ auto-correction mechanism with an interim roller nip release mechanism and a registration unit skew correction mechanism enables realization of high front-to-back registration accuracy.

Coverage of ISO Coated and Japan Colour Gamuts

Adoption of Simitri HDE Toner with its 3-dimensional hybrid structure expands the color gamut at the same time as reducing the amount of toner used and ensures coverage of ISO coated and Japan Color gamuts. bizhub PRESS C1100 is capable of expressing colors equivalent to those of offset machines to meet the detailed requirements of clients.

Simitri HDE Toner

bizhub PRESS C1100 incorporates Simitri HDE Toner, a newly-developed toner that realises improved image quality and energy-saving performance. The 3-dimensional structure contains functional polymers ensures a high level of compatibility with all types of media and enables realisation of ideal natural textures. In addition, it requires only a small amount of heat for fusion, contributing significantly to reductions in power consumption.


S.E.A.D. IV is Konica Minolta's unique cutting-edge image processing technology. High image quality taking optimum advantage of engine characteristics is achieved through utilizing to the maximum of image processing, formation and developing systems.

Maintain High Productivity and Realization of Stable Tone Control

The high-precision IDC sensor performs precise auto-calibration in real time, enabling control of image stability. Even in high-volume printing, uniform printing quality is assured and without reduction in productivity.