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เพลทออฟเซ็ท ระบบ Thermal รุ่น INVADO
  • เพลทออฟเซ็ท ระบบ Thermal รุ่น INVADO
เพลทออฟเซ็ท ระบบ Thermal รุ่น INVADO เป็นเพลทคุณภาพสูง สามารถนำไปอบได้ เพื่อเพิ่มยอดพิมพ์

Consistent performance: 

A combination of state of the art production technology and strict quality control procedures throughout the production process to provide our customers with stable and repeatable performance. Guaranteeing superior finished results.

Precise dot reproduction: 

Excellent performance in linearity of dot reproduction. The dot proportion tolerance is
less than 1% without calibration providing perfect
image colour reproduction.

High run length:

Over 100,000 impressions without post-baking and more than 1,000,000 when post-baked.

Fast imaging speed: 

Fast exposure to maximize the output of CTP devices and increase efficiency.

Cost effective and easy to use:

 FIT Invado reduces overall cost of operation by coming up to colour faster due to its excellent ink/water balance characteristics, using ink more efficiently. FIT Invado is a positive working thermal technology which does not require pre-heat coupled with its wide operation latitude and reliability provides consistent, reliable plate making.