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เครื่องพิมพ์ดิจิตอลขาวดำรุ่น Bizhub Pro 1100
  • เครื่องพิมพ์ดิจิตอลขาวดำรุ่น Bizhub Pro 1100
เครื่องพิมพ์ดิจิตอลขาว-ดำ รุ่น Bizhub Pro 1100 เป็นเครื่องพิมพ์คุณภาพสูง สามารถพิมพ์งานด้วยความเร็วสูงสุด 100 หน้าต่อนาที เหมาะสำหรับงานพิมพ์ที่ไม่เยอะมาก

Reliable and easy to control over the long life ahead

100 ppm output

High-impact printing at 100 ppm*1, including booklets and impositions. This enables finishing*2 functions to increase productivity further.

*1 Using 40–216 gsm paper (restrictions apply depending on paper weight and printing environment) with A4 long-edge feed.
*2 Optional

Large capacity with a maximum 9,000 sheets

Print a maximum of 9,000 sheets by combining the main unit’s standard 3,000-sheet capacity with the 3-tray PF-709*3 (6,000 sheets). Other trays supply paper during operation to prevent interruption of production.

*3 Optional *Using 80 gsm paper

High-speed duplex colour scanner

Scan A4 colour documents at the rate of 90 opm*4. For double-sided originals, two independent scanner sensors make high-speed 180 opm*4 scanning possible. Network scanner functions enable speedy digitization of documents.

*4 For 300 dpi originals

Study design supports high-volume production

bizhub PRO 1100 has adopted the same kind of sturdy and durable body found in printing systems for professional use. Count on stable reliability during continuous operation. Consumables, too, are designed for a long life, reducing the frequency of replacement.

Easy-to-understand 15-inch control panel

bizhub PRO 1100 is equipped with a highly visible 15-inch LCD control panel. An array of functions, including ticket editing, folding and stapling, come with the same graphical user interface as bizhub PRESS colour devices. Operating mistakes are reduced and work efficiency is enhanced.


Replace high-capacity toner bottle even while printing

The high-capacity toner bottle is good for approximately 82,000 pages*5. bizhub PRO 1100 also features a new toner bottle door, allowing the toner to be replaced even during printing to boost work efficiency.

*5 Based on A4-size 5% print coverage.

Highly visible LED lights

When it is difficult to hear the bizhub PRO 1100, optional multi-information LED lights display printing and paper tray conditions with a combination of four colours.


Extensive paper compatibility

"Up to 324 × 463mm-size paper is supported with crop marks printable on A3 documents." Given the standard support for paper weights (40 – 350 gsm or 50 – 300gsm for duplex printing), a wide range of paper weights can be used. Diverse paper types are also supported, from fine paper to tab stock. Postcard printing is possible by installing MB-507*1 or PF-709.*1
*1 Optional

Compact space-saving design

The compact design of the bizhub PRO 1100 allows installation in a variety of locations. Minimum width is 1,860 mm when the output tray OT-507*6 is fitted on the main unit. When fitted with staple finisher FS-532,*6 the system is approximately 2,398 mm wide.

*6 Optional


Evoled imaging technology that invites repeats

Acclaimed 1,200 dpi resolution

High-resolution printing is attributedto a real output of 1,200 dpi.Thin lines for tables, graphs, andmulti-gradient images are vividlyreproduced, contributing to thecreation of persuasive documents.

Convenient front-to-back registration adjustment

bizhub PRO 1100’s front-to-back adjustment function automatically adjusts image position by using the original platen surface. The front-to-back side position and discrepancies in magnification are easily corrected, vastly improving the efficiency of registration adjustment.

Rich expressions of colour space

When colour documents are printed, the input image is converted first into CIE colour space and then into the main unit’s colour space. The main unit processes rich gradients while maintaining high productivity.

Screen versatility

Three types of FM screen (2 resolutions × 3 patterns) are available based on the content of the document. In addition, three new FM screens leveraging high resolution are available. Print quality of even greater resolution can be produced by using the optimal screen for the output content.

Direct printing with Hot Folders

Print PDF/TIFF files without launching applications. Simply drag and drop into an icon or a shared folder. Prepare multiple Hot Folders for quick printing without having to change settings each time.

Color Centro

Color Centro is standard on the bizhub PRO 1100. The same software is used on colour production systems for colour management. Flexibly adjust image quality on the PC by adjusting separate tone curves for images and text/graphics.

Job Centro

Manage options from the PC. The easy-to-use interface is compatible with the bizhub PRO 1100’s control panel and printer driver, making operation more efficient. Color Centro can also be launched from Job Centro for seamless management.

Page Edit Screen

Edit job ticket details, then view the output image. A sample can be printed. Complex and delicate print jobs are made more efficient thanks to flexible job management. 

Job ticket edit screen

Change detailed output settings, such as paper type and number of copies.

Authentication and collaboration functions for the future

User authentication

Besides the main unit’s authentication function, PageScope Authentication Manager*1 unifies management of user information with an external server such as Active Directory. Security also is strengthened without loss of work efficiency by the non-contact IC card authentication system. Choose the work style suited to the size and environment as the system is linked with employee room entry.

Office equipment connectivity

bizhub PRO 1100’s compatibility with bizhub Connector assures office equipment connectivity. From the bizhub PRO 1100’s control panel, register applications on the system to connect directly to cloud services*2 and intra-organisation Sharepoint 2007/2010 services. OpenAPI ver4.1 enables authentication, billing, pull printing, and other solution applications.
*2 Google Drive, Gmail, Evernote

Our approaches to resource preservation and protection

Use of recycled materials

Konica Minolta has developed recycled PC/PET materials with its proprietary chemical processing technologies. Our active use of recycled materials contributes to effective preservation of resources and promotes protection of the environment.

TEC standard exceeded

The bizhub PRO 1100 is designed to consume about 40% less energy than ENERGY STAR’s Typical Electricity Consumption (ver 2.0) value. The lower TEC value greatly reduces CO2 emissions.

High image quality and eco-friendly toner

Konica Minolta’s Simitri HD toner technology uses plant-based materials as a toner element. The toner powder fuses at low temperatures, reducing energy consumption.The environmental impact is taken into account — from toner production and customer use to disposal.