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IQDEMY Flatbed Maglev
  • เครื่องพิมพ์อิงค์เจ็ทยูวีแบบพื้นเรียบ Maglev
เครื่องพิมพ์ LED UV ระดับโปรดักชั่นสำหรับธุรกิจของคุณ เครื่องใช้หัวพิมพคุณภาพสูง Konica Minolta พร้อมด้วยเทคโนโลยีพิมพ์แบบลอย (Maglev) โดยสามารถพิมพ์ภาพ 3 มิติ ได้นูนถึง 3 มิลลิเมตร


Stone table 

The printer is equipped with a powerful linear motor with a maximum traction force equal to 21,500 joules, and is able to accelerate the carriage speed up to 500m/min in just 0.1 second by electromagnetic force giving the printing speed unbeatable by standard mechanic solutions. The absence of rubbing and stepping components eliminates the negative vibrations and «noise» affecting the print quality and raising overall stability and durability of the system. Magnetic Levitation Technology is ‘quantum leap’ in ink-jet multi-pass printing

Advanced grey-scale (Ricoh Gen5 only) 

Improved waveform monitoring system allows IQ Maglev to print eight dots of different sizes in a single cycle. This option increases the smoothness of the color transition significantly, making gradients (like human skin and blue sky tones) look perfect without speed loss, further optimizing ink consumption.

Two-colors in one print head (Ricoh Gen5 only) 

Ricoh Gen5 print heads have two independent channels to supply ink to 640 nozzles from each channel. As a result, you can print CMYK using only two print heads in a true 300 dpi. Advanced control electronics allows use up to 8 print heads for maximum print speed in wide color range.

The minimum droplet size is about 3.5 pl (+/- 10%) (Ricoh Gen5 only) 

The combination of Variable Dot® technology and Technology of Invisible Dots® by DPS Innovations enables to half the minimum droplet size to get the sharpest image.

White ink recirculation 

Constant circulation system allows forgetting ‘white’ print head clogging issue.

8 channels in every machine 

Every Maglev is ready for 8 colors printing, get CMYK+W and then just add print heads to have +LM+LC+V when needed.

Control electronics by DPS Innovations 

All control systems and side components are developed and produced by DPS innovations specifically for IQDEMY Maglev. Get maximum of print head capabilities and forget about banding. 


Solid metal frame 

All-metal welded frame can withstand any heavy media. The body is equipped with wheels and legs for easy movement and a stable fixation in operation.

4 vacuum zones 

Honeycomb desktop is divided into 6 vacuum zones operated independently to reduce power consumption of the printer. Composite panel coating is perforated to ensure continuous vacuum supply. The coating is fixed by magnets and is easy to replace.

I-beam and guide-frames 

The carriage motion system includes specialized guides, mounted on an aluminum I-beam. Step- motor with leadscrew provides automatic adjustment of the carriage height making your work a lot easier.

10 tanks for ink supplying and ink level sensors 

The ink delivery system consists of 10 tanks (8 for colors and 2 for air). Each container includes a mechanical sensor measuring the level of a residue, pre-filter, cleaning system of electronic valves, and diaphragm pump for pumping ink into system, fine filter and ink supplying path. Vacuum systems for CMYK and White color are independent. This is most reliable scheme in industrial ink-jet printing for now.