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PlateRite 4600Z/S/E (4-6 pages)
  • เครื่องยิงเพลทออฟเซ็ทระบบเทอร์มัล PlateRite 4600Z/S/E
Advanced 4-page thermal CTP systems with innovative optical technology delivering outstanding reliability

1) High quality

Proprietary technologies ensure stable exposure

Accurate reproduction of halftone dots with newly developed exposure heads

To ensure more stable exposure, the light source is equipped with the same proven fiber laser diodes used in the PlateRite 8600 series. The resulting changes in the laser beam have improved the balance of vertical and horizontal lines, enabling sharper reproduction of halftone dots. This has led to a major increase in overall print quality.​

Stable drum rotation even at high speeds

Locating the light source as close as possible to the plate has enabled even sharper imaging. The use of proprietary clamp technology and an auto-balance system also makes it possible to perform stable, high-speed exposure regardless of the plate size.

Auto-balance system

The operator simply selects the appropriate pre-registered plate size and type during
setup, and the PlateRite 4600 automatically makes the necessary adjustments to ensure perfect drum balance.

2) High throughput

Autoloader maximizes productivity

TAn autoloader system can be installed to automate all processes from plate loading through exposure, transport and developing to discharge. The autoloader supports extended periods of continuous operation and significantly increases both productivity and press operating ratios.

More efficient setup for printer loading

Punch system (optional)
When the punch system (up to six blocks) are used, the imaged plates can be loaded directly onto the press after output. The use of printing press punch blocks during plate output eliminates the need for manual punching later on in the workflow, ensures excellent registration accuracy, and creates the foundation for perfect results on press.

Wider range of supported plate sizes

Improved support for small size plates (optional)
The newly available small size option supports minimum plate size of 270 x 330 mm (10.7"x 13"). This option provides increased flexibility when using letterpress systems. Some limitations apply with this option.

Constant checking of CtP status from a remote location

Remote monitoring allows users to keep an eye on CtP operating conditions and output history from a remote location, using a web browser or e-mail.

E-mails can also be sent automatically to the service center and entered into a database for use in maintenance, repairs, and periodic inspections, ensuring that the CtP recorder is in optimal operating condition at all times.

Advanced EQUIOS workflow system

Linking the PlateRite 4600 series with EQUIOS enables non-stop automatic processing with minimal errors, waste or downtime.

This simplified operation improves the efficiency of CtP processing and helps the entire system to achieve the maximum possible productivity.

Extremely user-friendly continuous operation

- In-RIP imposition allows the creation of highly efficient workflows.
- The availability of CIP4-compatible fold catalogs improves the speed and reliability of imposition design.

​ ​Latest Adobe PDF print engine

- Comprehensive advance verification ensures reliable output results.
- Use of the latest engine enables extremely rapid computation.

Autoloader specifications (SA-L4600 single-cassette autoloader, MA-L4600 multi-cassette autoloader)