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PlateRite Ultima 16000II/N (16-48 pages)
  • เครื่องยิงเพลทออฟเซ็ทระบบเทอร์มัล PlateRite Ultima 16000II/N
Unprecedented speed and quality in a large multi-format platesetter

Large, multi-format output—from 4-page to 16-page

The PlateRite Ultima can output large-format plates up to 1,470 x 1,165 mm (57.9"x 45.9") in size. It can also output plates as small as 650 x 550 mm (25.6"x 21.6").

The PlateRite Ultima is in a class of its own-a true multi-format platesetter.

Advanced 512-channel imaging head

Screen has used GLV technology to develop a revolutionary multi-channel imaging head that enables remarkably high-speed and high-quality exposure.

This cutting-edge imaging head features 512 individual laser beams that expose plates in wide swathes, enabling the PlateRite Ultima to deliver unbeatable throughput without sacrificing quality.

High speed imaging

PlateRite Ultima can output 23 plate (1,448 x 1,143 mm) per hour at 2,400 dpi, making it the world’s fastest platesetter in its class.

Automatic inline punching

With inline punching, plates are punched immediately before being mounted on the drum. Inline punching provides greater registration accuracy than either manual or off-line punching.

It also helps eliminate human error and supports faster press make-ready.up to ten punch blocks can be mounted in the platesetter and then selected during output according to the plate size and press type required for the job.

Reliable automatic plate loading

Automation is a key element in the handling of large format plates. Screen's renowned and reliable plate handling systems are integrated into the design of the PlateRite Ultima 16000, and a range of scalable automation solutions are available.

No contact is made with the sensitive emulsion side of the plate at any stage during transport, eliminating the risk of damage to the plate.
The optional automatic plate loaders are available in two types, namely two cassette type and four cassette types, Each cassette can hold 100 sheets of 16 page 0.3mm (11.8 mil) plate. So maximum number of plate can be held is 400.

Interleaf paper is removed automatically before plate are loaded.