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UVP 26 Series Platsetters (4 pages)
  • UVP 26 Series Platsetters (4 pages)
เครื่องยิงเพลท CTP ระบบ UV สำหรับเพลท size ตัด 4
CRON 26 series platesetters are ideally suited to smaller printing businesses where job turnaround speeds often need to compete with digital alternatives. Output speeds can be tuned to production requirements with models spanning a range from 23 to 63 UV plates per hour.
All models offer registration accuracy up to 0.01mm and impressive quality results with a tonal range 1%-99% in either conventional or stochastic screening. Capable of handling lighter gauge plates, down to 0.15 mm, the UPV 26 product line helps conserve margins by making considerable savings in consumable costs.

Optional plate feeders and handling systems are available to further automate and streamline production.