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UVP66/72 Series platesetters – VLF (24-16 pages)
  • UVP66/72 Series platesetters (24-16 pages)
เครื่องยิงเพลท CTP ระบบ UV สำหรับเพลท size ตัด 1
CRON’s large format UV platesetters are designed for commercial web offset applications and large format sheetfed presses for poster and carton work. They are based on a new generation platform which offers enhanced reliability, ease of use and serviceability. An extremely reliable plate handling system completes the UVP Series package with efficient and smooth load/unload cycling to ensure optimum throughput up to 21 plates per hour for the larger format machine.

Within the range of five models there are two maximum plate-size options with the largest being 1850 x 1422 mm (32 pages). Plate sizes between the maximum and 650 x 550 mm are fully flexible to give ultimate versatility.

Optional plate feeders and handling systems are available to further automate and streamline production.